Grant Request by Proved

Submission Date
February 4, 2022

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Project Description

Most DAOs assign discord roles to their Contributors, but they can’t show their roles outside of Discord. Proved that allows DAO contributors to turn your discord role into NFTs.

Amount requested
7,500 USD


Title: Expand types of NFTs
Description: At the moment, we issue only one type of NFT to prove roles. We add variations of NFT designs which alters based on their contributions/roles, or who approves their proposals. We aim to have 20+ designs for NFTs within 1 month.
Budget: $2.5k

Title: Automate an approval process for managers/leads in DAOs
Description: Create an admin board + a Discord bot for managers/leads in DAOs which allow them to approve roles/contributions of members in DAOs. We aim to implement this within 2 months
Budget: $3k

Title: Develop a visualization tool for contributors/provers
Description: Our smart contract tracks who is the contributor and the prover. We build a tool to visualize these relations, which represent the network of users who work in DAOs
Budget: $2k