Grant Request by Prism Network / EmpireDEX

Submission Date
November 10, 2021

Project Links

Discord: Prism Network
Youtube: Prism Network - YouTube

Project Description

We have two projects: Prism Network & EmpireDEX. Prism Network is cross chain infrastructure while EmpireDEX is a DEX with built in features to empower developers (such as Weponised Liquidity). The two projects are being integrated together to create a cross chain DEX that will allow users to be able to trade between any connected chains, while also offering cross chain infrastructure solutions.

Prism Network offers various cross chain infrastructure solutions to empower DeFi with various ‘lego building blocks’ for building the next generation of cross chain projects. Constantly expanding to new chains with the vision of connecting every blockchain possible, while continuing to expand the services provided by Prism Network.

Currently we have our Prism Bridge for moving PRISM beween Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, OEC, xDai and Cronos. We are expanding at a rate of roughly 1 chain per week.

EmpireDEX is a next generation cross chain DEX offering a suite of features designed to empower developers to create innovative new DeFi solutions, such as its in built ‘Weaponised Liquidity’. With the integration of Prism Network, EmpireDEX is constantly expanding to new chains in order to help connect all of DeFi together and create a place in which users can easily transfer value between chains while developers can utilise its cross chain infrastructure to offer entirely new products and services.

Amount requested
150,000 USD


  1. $25,000 - Immediately used to increase liquidity on PRISM/MATIC pair
  2. $25,000 - Cross Chain Swaps Released
  3. $25,000 - Bridge Factory
  4. $25,000 - 3m TVL
  5. $25,000 - 10m TVL
  6. $25,000 - 20m TVL
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Grant Request Status

Allocated to the team