Grant Request by PoolNFT

Submission Date
February 10, 2022

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Project Description

PoolNFT is a platform where you can bid on NFTs for a chance to win the pool prize awarded every day.

How it works:

• Users can list their NFT on the Polygon network by converting it to superNFT.
• This would make their NFTs eligible for the pool.
• These NFTs can be sponsored by any third user and their details would be shown on the sponsored NFT and a superfluid stream would be opened b/w sponsor and NFT owner.

In the pool, users will be able to see eligible NFTs and any user can like others’ NFTs to enroll in a pool.

Note: Users can only like 1 NFT from a pool to avoid multiple entries.

At the end of the day, the most liked NFT would be picked as a winner and a random entry of that NFT would be selected and rewarded with the pool money.

In future, we are also planning to expand and bring in multiple pools which would give all the NFTs a chance to win and fair participation for the users.

Amount requested
6,000 USD



  • Bridging NFTs from L1 to L2
  • Distribution of rewards among all the winners via chainlink.
  • Improve UX and promote sponsors in a better way compared to the current

Budget Breakdown:

  • Budget to market, promote and distribute the product
  • Smart Contract deployments
  • Hire a developer to help us in shipping features quickly
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