Grant Request by Polypunks

Submission Date
November 21, 2021

Project Links

Discord: PolyPunks
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @polypunks

Project Description

Polypunks has started out as a homage project to the Cryptopunks on the Eth Mainnet, however now that we have switched to community-owned, we have plans for so much more. Our goal is to make Polypunks the premier pfp on Polygon. We are aggressively pursuing partnerships as well as ways for our punks to provide utility (NFT staking, special airdrops, discounted IDOs, metaverse storefronts, etc…) to make us standout. We believe that for our NFTs to become popular and ubiquitous with the Polygon ecosystem, our relentless approach will provide opportunities for us to root ourselves firmly in the success of Polygon. As polygon continues to grow, we will grow as we will intertwine our brand all across the ecosystem.

Amount requested
10,000 USD


  1. Derivatives
  • variations to our punk collection
  • 1000 USD
  • December 15th
  1. Metaverse
  • (cannot comment on which one but we are looking to get a display there)
    -4000 USD
  • will go towards the savings that we already have
  1. Partnerships/Giveaways/Marketing/
  • this will go towards our giveaways and buybacks/incentive programs
  • 2000 USD
  1. Website revamp
  • need to do some maintenance on our website and logo
  • 3000 USD

Grant Request Status

Allocated to the team