Grant Request by Polygon Penguins

Submission Date
February 11, 2022

Project Links

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @PolygonPenguins
Discord: Polygon Penguins

Project Description

PolygonPenguins are intelligent, swagged out frens that have exclusive access to a community of yield-earning possibilities, chainlink verified raffles, and an exclusive Igloo full of loving energy and vibes.

There are two categories of penguins and four breeds:

  • Farming (Trippy Emperor & Arctic Space)
  • Non-farming penguins (Wavvy Purple & Polygon Purple).

If you’re lucky enough to mint a farming penguin, you just need to HODL your penguin to earn a weekly share of the yield generated from the penguin treasury.

If you receive a non-farming penguin, you still have a chance to mutate your penguin to a farming penguin (through bonding) + you have access to Igloo activities such as weekly giveaways of MATIC, QUICK, Qi + NFTs through our Chainlink verified Raffles.

**We want to begin offering a suite of DeFi tools that haven’t been built yet (leverage looper on vaults, direct LP swaps) where any fees earned will be distributed back to our NFT holders. Our community will be able to use these tools with no fees, increasing demand to our pengu frens <3

Amount requested
10,000 USD


Milestone 1 - Onboard a new team member which will focus on community awareness and marketing while the two of us continue to build the DeFi tools we are interested in to help increase weekly income to our NFT holders. This will help project momentum in the meantime, so I believe 2k is needed for marketing and 4k to help bring on an additional person. We will also give this team member a small Igloo family of their own.

Total Milestone 1: 6k

Milestone 2 - Once our DeFi tools are built with working testnet prototype, additional funding will be used to have the new marketing team member create a campaign around our new suite of DeFi tools. This will bring the attention of DeFi users who are not into NFTs. Any revenue earned will be distributed back to our NFT holders through weekly income.

Total Milestone 2: 4k