Grant Request by Pod Finance

Submission Date
October 22, 2021

Project Links
Discord: Pods
Youtube: Pods Finance - YouTube

Project Description

Pods enable the easiest way to hedge crypto assets in Ethereum. The Pods Protocol is a decentralized non-custodial Options Protocol that allows users to buy, sell and provide liquidity using the new Options AMM. Check below the step-by-step of a put option buyer (or seller).

Amount requested
100,000 USD


1st Milestone: Call options

Delivery forecast: 1st Dec

Budget: 50k (it will be used to the initial bootstrap liquidity for the calls pools. 20k/pool)
TVL expected: 2M

2nd Milestone: Vaults (Covered Calls)

After we release the Call options, that will enable us to pursue further structures like our first Vault with Covered Calls on Polygon

Delivery forecast: 1st Feb
TVL expected: 1M
Budget: 50k

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Iā€™m looking forward to answer any questions you guys may have! :smiley:


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