Grant Request by Plodding Isles

Submission Date

January 12, 2022

Project Links

Instagram:Login • Instagram
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @ploddingpirates Telegram: Contact @ploddingpiratesAnn
Discord: Plodding Pirates | NFT Collection | Minting NOW

Project Description

Plodding Isles is a fledgling blockchain gaming ecosystem that will comprise of a procedurally generated action-adventure MMO, a native token, a DAO, an AMM, a NFT marketplace and multiple NFT collections.

We will deliver our very own cutting-edge take on how in-game cosmetic items and upgrades should be implemented for a rapidly evolving online gaming sphere, changing constantly with the increasing popularity of blockchain technology.

This futuristic vision includes all user-obtained assets in game being represented as NFTs which can be 100% owned by our players.

Our game will be at the forefront of this technology and with the Plodding Isles’ play-to-earn (P2E) gameplay system, players can spend their time obtaining in-game loot which can be viewed in each players crypto-wallets, as NFTs, and sold or traded in-game for our Doubloon token ($DUB) or on external markets for real-world currency.

Amount Requested

100,000 USD


Current Position:

3 Live NFT Collections (One sold out, two still minting)
Game pre-development whitepaper 1.1 released
2K Twitter Followers
20K Discord users (1,500 weekly new members)


  1. Initial Marketing Strategy (Delivery: January-Early February 2022)

-Approach marketing agencies to design and implement an effective paid 2-Month advertising strategy for audience-finding and social media awareness, targeting a high ROAS with the metric of social media engagement, including in-house ad spend.
-Paid features on high-profile NFT & Crypto news and listing platforms
-Organic 3-month social media content strategy
-Further pre-development static and motion renders for Plodding Isles

Milestone 1 Budget:

-$21,000 Marketing Allocation
-$4,000 Pre-Development Renders & Art
-$15,000 Plodding Isles Staffing*
-$10,000 Legal Fees**

  1. Smart Contract & AMM Launch (Delivery: Late January-Mid February 2022)

-$DUB Smart contract deployment
-Comprehensive third-party audit(s)
-AMM open for trading Polygon tokens, excluding $DUB

  • Listing on major crypto websites prior to public sale

Milestone 2 Budget:

-$15,000 Smart Contract Audit(s)
-$10,000 Marketing Advertising Budget (Continued advertisement funding of marketing strategy outlined in Milestone 1)
-$15,000 Plodding Isles Staffing*

  1. DUB Launchpads (Delivery: February 2022)

-List on multiple token launchpads across chains
-Deploy cross-chain Polygon token claim for launchpad investors on
-Open trading and redemption for $DUB token and, moving forward, using funds raised through launchpads to begin development of Plodding Isles.
-Target: 20,000 Twitter Followers & 100,000 Discord Users going forward into our launchpad and game development phase.

Milestone 3 Budget:

-$10,000 Marketing Advertising Budget (Continued advertisement funding of marketing strategy outlined in Milestone 1)


As milestones are dependent on funding, delivery estimates may alter to include length of grant approval time.

  • Plodding Isles Staffing - To allow our Europe-based team, who have been instrumental in promoting, managing and growing the Plodding Isles platform, to work full-time on development, promotional campaigns and design for the duration of the run up to our token launch.

** Legal - We are consulting an experienced blockchain legal firm to acquire proper legal guidance, completion of comprehensive terms & conditions and disclaimers for the Plodding Isles ecosystem.

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Hey guys I’m a member of the Plodding Pirates team! I just wanted to say how excited we are at the prospect of advancing our project to the next stage with the help of Polygon :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi again I am just updating the thread with our Polygon pitchdeck. We encourage people to read for a more condensed version of our application so that they can become more familiar with our project!

The pitchdeck can viewed here:

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Ahoy there! :pirate_flag:

Longtime member of the Plodding Pirates community here, just wanted to write in to show my support for this project. Over many months I’ve watched the PP team overcome countless obstacles and work tirelessly to do what’s best for the community and the future of the project. A P2E pirate themed MMO is an incredibly appealing idea and I think it will be an excellent addition to the Polygon ecosystem. In fact, I really believe that a metaverse project like this can only be effectively created on a chain like Polygon (fast speeds, low fees, etc…).

Please consider their grant request; seeing the full vision of the Plodding Pirates game/metaverse come to life will be wonderful and incredibly exciting for so many people! :grinning:

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This project is great. The discord server is always active. Good vibes are spreading on the servers tavern (general chat). The project got cool and high quality artworks that will be utilize to a metaverse game. I believe this project will sky rocket :rocket: :sparkles:.
Lets go!!!



We have awarded a $5,000 grant to you.

The team will be in touch to let you know how to proceed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for thinking of Polygon and I wish you ever success for this project.

Kind regards,


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