Grant Request by PLAY TO EARN CREW

Submission Date

December 28, 2021

Project Links

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @p2ecrew

Project Description

We are a startup focused on accelerating the growth of play to earn games, through education and content creation, we seek to create an engaged community that seeks to help and cooperate.
(We are a Brazilian Startup)
The project have only 2 and have month and have impact many lives in Brazil, we already have more de 8k follows only on Instagram, and in the last 90 days, we reach mode than 372482 Instagram accounts, we have many groups on telegram…

Amount requested

45,000 USD


The man goal its keep grow the Play to earn and Metaverse community, for doing this we will keep make content and help them all to undestand this world, so we have done a lot of education articles on the website, a lot of videos on youtube and a lot of post on instagram,

Cost to advertise or content to new people how don’t know anything about play to earn games

Youtube ads 5300 usd per year
Intagram ads 5300 usd per year

The main cust its pay the wages

Social Midea Wage per year 10.000 usd (Full time)
copywriter and editor 10.000 usd (full time)
Community manager 5000 (part time)
Video Editor 5000 usd (part time)
CEO and Content creator 20000 usd per year (Full time)

Grant Request Status

Allocated to the team