Grant Request by Pixuverse DAO

Submission Date

January 27, 2022

Project Links

Instagram: Login • Instagram
Website: Blog 3 — Pixuverse

Project Description

Creating a sustainable DeFi 2.0 treasury with recurrent metaverse revenue from NFT sales to build a community led fund for artists in emerging markets. Learn all about it here: Unleash The Pixuverse — Pixuverse

Amount Requested

20000 USD


1. NFT launchpad (done) - DApp for artist to deploy their NFTs. First collection launched.

2. Pixuverse DAO Treasury - 10,000 - A sustainable DeFi 2.0 fund with recurrent revenue from NFT sales using MATIC as the reserve currency.

3. Pixuverse Voxels - 10,000 - building 3D versions of our exisiting NFTs (The Skulloids).