Grant Request by PiP

Submission Date
February 2, 2022

Project Links

Website: (not LIVE)

Project Description

PiP, the voice-activated Augmented Reality character and NFT game focused on the prevention and treatment of MSK conditions for older children, GenZ and late Millennials that gives back to the planet via token swaps that we convert to FIAT.
Also, a metaverse shop where users can get their supplies, or for those thought goggles shippable anchor points on screen.

Amount requested
45,000 USD


1st milestone is the development of the AR character so we have a working model, 2nd is the Flutter MVP dApp prototype, and 3rd is the connection of the blockchain elements within the Flutter environment to allow for a prototype of the gamification and swaps, this should take around 4 months from funding to complete.


Unfortunately we have decided not to award a grant this time.

While we would like to support as many projects as we can the funds are limited so it is hard to select the projects we think will have a bigger impact to grow the Polygon ecosystem.

I would like to thank you for thinking of Polygon and I wish you every success for this project.

Kind regards,