Grant Request by Pika Protocol

Submission date

November 4, 2021

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Project details

Pika Protocol is a decentralized perpetuals swap exchange on Ethereum layer 2 with:

  1. High Leverage: support up to 50x leverage.
  2. Deep Liquidity: achieve the same level of liquidity as top perpetual exchanges.
  3. Trade Any Assets: starting from crypto and expanding to commodities, volatility index, etc.
  4. Composability: composable with the entire DeFi system.

Amount requested



  1. Implement all the reported feedback for the testnet app:
    Budget: $5k; Forecast: Nov 2021

  2. Launch and maintain perpetual swap exchange on Polygon supporting major crypto pairs.
    Launch budget: $10k; Forecast: Jan 2022
    Maintenance budget(server and operational cost): $15k for the entire 2022

  3. Work with Chainlink to support non-crypto(commodities, volatility index, NFTs) perp trading on Polygon. (We are partnering with Chainlink for Oracles on Optimism, and hope to do for Polygon as well)
    Budget: $8k for the entire 2022.


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