Grant Request by Payscript

Submission Date
February 1, 2022

Project Links

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @payscript_io
Facebook: Payscript

Project Description

Payscript is a Melbourne based crypto payments and digital assets infrastructure company

Payscript is building a payment orchestration platform simplifying digital payment acceptance and crypto spending to remove barriers to widespread crypto adoption. We are a Digital Currency Exchange service provider (Crypto Exchange) based out of Australia

We provide easy to use APIs for Merchants to start accepting Crypto Payments. We have built simple and easy to use software such as Digital Wallets, Point of Sale Software, Crypto Payment Gateway Widgets to get one started with crypto payments.

Payscript has following Modules in our ecosystem live in production

  1. Hosted Wallet
  2. Crypto Payment Gateway
  3. Checkout Point of Sale
  4. Send Crypto Via emails

Modules in Roadmap : -

  1. Instant BUY / SELL
  2. Instant SWAP
  3. Loyalty Program
  4. Affiliate Program
  5. Send and Receive Crypto using social media


  1. Receipient of 25,000 USD credits from AWS Activate Program
  2. Part of Algorand Europe Accelerator Program
  3. Backed by Borderless Capital
  4. Sighed contracts projecting 100,000 USD for 2022
  5. 2000+ users
  6. 10 large B2B deals in Pipeline

Linktree : Payscript | Linktree

Amount requested
25,000 USD


1st Milestone: Call options

  1. Support Matic token in Payscript Wallet - 5,000

  2. Support Tokens created on Polygon in Payscript Wallet - 5000

  3. Support Matic Token in Payscript Point of sale application - 5000

  4. Support Tokens made on Polygon in Payscript Point of Sale application - 5000

  5. Support NFTs on polygon Chain in Payscript Marketplace - 5000