Grant Request by PAXO

Submission Date
November 12, 2021

Project Links

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @paxofinance

Project Description

PAXO is a decentralised money market protocol which opens up under collateralised borrowing options in the DeFi space that allows users to do margin trade. PAXO is completely a smart contract based trustless protocol which does not rely on credit scoring or any centralised enforcement to facilitate lending service. PAXO helps crypto currency lenders enjoy attractive, sustainable rates
of return, while giving cryptocurrency borrowers predictable loans that maximize their ability to invest in the crypto market.

At its core, a Paxo money market is a ledger that allows users to supply or borrow assets, while computing interest, a function of time. The protocol’s smart contracts will be publicly accessible and completely free to use for machines, dApps and humans.

Amount requested
50,000 USD


  1. Completion of development and deployment on Polygon testnet - 30%

  2. External Audits - 60%

  3. Servers and other miscellaneous deployment cost - 10%


Grant Request Status

Allocated to the team

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