Grant Request by OZONE METAVERSE

Submission Date
February 5, 2022

Project Links

Discord: ozonemetaverse
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @ozonemetaverse
Twitch: Twitch
Youtube: Ozone Metaverse - YouTube
Instagram: Login • Instagram
Facebook: Ozone Metaverse

Project Description

Proprietary web3 native metaverse engine on the web.
We enable high quality metaverses at scale on the web.
Blockchain agnostic.
Cross-chain compatible.
Looking to integrate and expand blockchain portfolio using Polygon.

Amount requested
200,000 USD


  1. integrate polygon network connection via metamask wallet. 50k
  2. enable query of NFTS 50k
  3. display NFTS in menu for user visualization 50k
  4. Enable user to click and use their NFT as avatar in the metaverse 50k