Grant Request by OVR - Over the Reality

Submission Date
February 1, 2022

Project Links

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @OVRtheReality

Project Description

OVR is a decentralized AR Metaverse platform. We’re combining WEB3 and Geolocalized AR to merge the physical and the virtual world. The platform is built on 3 main layers: 1) an Ownership Layer defining spatial domains (OVRLand) for publishing rights on geographic coordinates 2) a Mapping Layer that allows creating 3Dmaps of geographic locations and enables for precise localization of assets in space (20 CM accuracy) 3) a Builder Layer to upload 3D assets on the OVR Metaverse (Web Builder and Unity Plug-in). Finally, citizens of OVR Metaverse are not passive spectators but leave inside the metaverse with their own photorealistic avatars and can interact thanks to body motion and facial expression tracking.

Amount requested
50,000 USD


  • batch minting of all the light minted OVRLands - 5k - February 2022
  • direct NFT minting of new primary market sales - 5k - February 2022
  • NFT bridge from Ethereum to Polygon - 30k - February 2022 (we will pay the gas costs on Ethereum)
  • fully decentralized secondary market - 5k - February 2022
  • OVRLand renting smart contracts - 5k - March 2022