Grant Request by Optyn

Submission Date

November 6, 2021

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Telegram - Telegram: Contact @OpytnCommunity

Project Description

Optyn is an on-chain option protocol where liquidity providers earn passive yield on crypto assets with structured products. Treasuries hedge their exposure, selling bonds to own yield earning liquidity positions. Option buyers get a simple easy to use interface.

Amount Requested



1st Milestone: Contract audits
Before launching we would like to get 2 audits completed.

Delivery forecast: Jan 2022
TVL expected: 0
Budget: $50k

2nd Milestone: Private beta mainnet launch

Delivery forecast: Jan 2022
TVL expected: $200k
Budget: $50k

The Optyn request was approved by the DAO, with a reduction of total budget to 65kUSD with 15kUSD to be paid upfront and the 50kUSD on the second TVL milestone.

“Optyn is excited to announce successfully receiving a grant from the very first round of the Polygon Grants program. The project will be launching on the Polygon mainnet and doing a public sale in 2022 Q1.”

About Optyn
Optyn is well positioned to be a key protocol in the DeFi 2.0 mega trend by unlocking this next wave of sustainable growth across the ecosystem.

Optyn is an on-chain option protocol where:

  • Liquidity providers earn high yield on crypto assets with passive option vaults
  • Treasuries hedge their exposure and diversify by selling bonds for protocol owned vault liquidity positions
  • Protocols use “trade to earn” to drive viral growth

Optyn Vaults
Structured products such as covered calls have proven that they can sustainably provide significantly higher yield than what currently is available in DeFi. Optyn Vaults are structured products such as covered calls or puts that provide a passive way for liquidity providers to earn compounding yield. APYs can sustainably be around 10-20%.

Optyn Treasury
To diversify their treasuries and establish other income streams, any protocol can use Optyn Treasury to sell bonds in their native token for any option vault liquidity pool. Vault liquidity purchased is then owned by the protocol earning yield on trading swap fees & option yield.

Optyn Trade to Earn
Optyn Trade to Earn allows other protocols to leverage NGU technology(Number Go Up) with free-to-play play-to-earn dynamics, providing both native token demand and virality.

Used together they create a feedback loop where protocols can drive demand in their token, diversify their treasuries and then reinvest a portion back into a viral growth engine.

Since winning in the Chainlink hackathon earlier in the year the team has been spending time building the product and have decided to launch on the Polygon mainnet.

Discord: Optyn
Medium: Optyn – Medium


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