Grant Request by Open Warfare

Submission Date
February 9, 2022

Project Links

Linktr: @openwarfare | Linktree

Project Description

OPEN WARFARE is an online multiplayer battle royale game that brings the benefits of blockchain technology to a wider gaming audience than ever before. Battle other players online for battlefield supremacy and earn smart NFTs such as operators, weapons, and armor that dynamically evolve as you play the game.

The year is 2090, and the nations of Earth are tearing each other apart to secure dwindling resources. Thanks to awe-inspiring advances in battlefield AI and military robotics, only the best can survive in a world torn apart by OPEN WARFARE.

While OPEN WARFARE leverages cutting-edge blockchain technology to grant its players true ownership of the game, knowledge of blockchain is not a requirement for new players to enjoy the game. OPEN WARFARE offers a user-friendly onboarding experience that will guide new players through their exciting first steps in the blockchain world.

But above all, OPEN WARFARE is one hell of a fun time.

Mission: OPEN WARFARE is setting out to demonstrate to a wider gaming audience that the blockchain provides the only tangible, concrete ownership of valuable virtual assets. Additionally, the game will reward players who make positive contributions to the community and offer them true ownership of the game itself. We aim to onboard a whole new sector of the gaming market onto the blockchain, so they, too, can join the blockchain revolution and stake their claim in the virtual worlds of tomorrow.

3D Gameplay: Battle Royale

The core gameplay of OPEN WARFARE is a first person shooter battle royale. Players must fight against other players, either solo or in small teams of two, three or four, to be the last person or team left standing, and thus earn rewards.

Gaming Experience

OPEN WARFARE is a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat battle royale FPS game. From the moment players are parachuted in until the end of the engagement, the game will be designed from the ground up to favor conflict and confrontation, with features such as quick-kill zones and “Gulag”-style revive duels. Players can wield a wide range of weapon types including shotguns, pistols, ARs, SMGs, and sniper rifles, allowing for a variety of play styles.
There is no building mechanic in OPEN WARFARE: the goal is near-instantaneous firefights in a dynamic environment. From the first moment to the very last shot fired, there is one guiding philosophy to the game’s design: pulse-pounding action.

Design Philosophy

The battle royale game mode, where players compete against each other in a free-for-all battle, has proven extremely popular over recent years, as exemplified by the likes of Fortnite, PUBG: Battlegrounds, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Apex Legends.
The combination of proven gameplay and natural compatibility with in-game assets represents a striking opportunity for blockchain NFT implementation. This is precisely the niche that OPEN WARFARE aims to fill.

Since OPEN WARFARE will leverage major features of the blockchain, the main purpose of the game design is to create an exciting yet familiar and recognizable player experience. This means the developers will rely on proven existing off-blockchain mechanics to guide major design decisions.

In parallel to the battle royale gameplay mode, players can also interact with their game assets through a 2D browser-based game called Open Tactics.
Open Tactics allows players to perform a number of operations on their in-game assets. Such operations include:

  • Recruit new Operators
  • Send Operators and Weapons on missions to gain XP;
  • Craft new Weapons, Gear, Perks and Calling Cards ;
  • Build new Building on Lands.

This mode will also allow players to buy, sell, and trade their NFTs through the marketplace.
The goal of Open Tactics is to give a window of entry to players who are interested in developing their NFTs, but are not willing or able to play the battle royale mode. It is also the way that players who enjoy the game can develop their in-game assets.

At the heart of OPEN WARFARE’s development philosophy is the core concept: free-to-play, play-to-earn.

Everyone can play OPEN WARFARE, whether or not they own a wallet. (!!!) // Our idea is to ease access to Web3 and onboard newbees into the ecosystem and then “convert” them.

Each player will receive a free common operator, and one common weapon from each category. The only restriction is that these free operators and weapons cannot be traded.

Players will be able to play the game, rank in leaderboards, make friends, and even earn $OWAR and NFTs without paying anything up front.

OPEN WARFARE offers many different ways to earn $OWAR by either playing the game or by contributing to the community and ecosystem.

The exact amount of $OWAR that players can win is based on the available supply for rewards, and the number of players who complete the play-related requirements. The available pools are then split at the end of the day between all eligible players.

Initially, this pool comes from the minting of new $OWAR; but once this supply is exhausted, the reward pool will come from the collection of market fees by the Treasury.

Achieving in-game results, including:
-Winning a regular game
-Ranking in leaderboards (involves playing 10 games a week in ranked mode)
-Winning in tournaments

Participating in special in-game events
-Faction-Based Rewards
-Revenue from faction activities:
-Revenue yield from members transactions
-Ranking in faction leaderboard

  • Winning faction tournaments

-Revenue from marketplace sales of NFTs
-Referring a new user

The developers will develop a responsive platform aimed at DeFi enthusiasts that will include such financial concepts as staking, yield farming, and other DeFi protocols.

Staking $OWAR generates an $OWAR return. There will be two distinct ways to stake $OWAR:
No locking period: Smaller APY
6-months locking period: Greater APY

Yield Farming
By providing liquidity to liquidity pools, users will get rewarded in $OWAR.

Open Warfare Token

The Open Warfare token ($OWAR) is the single, unified token powering the OPEN WARFARE economy. It is used as both the governance token and as the in-game currency.
This ensures that all stakeholders of the game, from investors to players, contribute to the value of the game through a single currency.

Amount requested
1,071,250 USD


Release NFTs = 8 MAY (±100K)
Release 2D Game = 10 JUNE (±500K)
Release 3D Game = 30 JUNE 2023 (7M)

Breakdown budget:
NFTs & 2D Team = $ 128 333
DLT DEV (TOKEN) = $ 66 667
3D Game (POC) = $ 330 833
Management & Support = $ 272 917
Marketing & Community =$ 272 500

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