Grant Request by Onepiece

Submission Date

November 17, 2021

Project Links


All of them, operation will be initiated soon.

Project Description

The project will render itself as a website that contains:

1. most of the major protocols that can be operated directly on the website
2. a set of automation tools that can be applied to the user selected protocols. At the backend, all the listed protocols are integrated through smart contracts deployed on multiple chains (both evm-compatible version & rust version).

All the automation tools are smart contracts that

1. connect user selected (integrated) protocols in certain ways
2. abstracts the interoperation across selected protocols from users
3. automatically exectue based on user set conditions.

Heavy calculation and triggering events of the automation tools are deployed in a centralized way on servers.

Amount requested

50,000 USD


In the first stage, all the automation features are aiming large-sized users/institutions. Therefore our first objective is TVL. We try to lock $300 mil in the first 3 months after launch of the first feature, and $3-5 billion 8 months after launch.
In our second stage, we will spend effort on user interface/interaction related functions to grow the number of unskilled users.
The objective will be the growth in user no. in stage 2.Honestly, it’s hard to provide a realistic budget. As a sizable DeFi institution, we have multiple funding resource.
All the support is appreciated.

Grant Request Status

Allocated to the team