Grant Request by Onboarding Woman

Submission Date

January 10, 2022

Project Links

Discord Handle: annwillmott#1682

Project Description

Since it was summoned at ETHDenver in 2020, MGD has onboarded women, helping them with everything to how to use a crypto wallet to how to volunteer in a grant-giving DAO. We are a Polygon DAO, and we find that initial gas costs are a barrier to entry. MGD membership is only 10 DAI, but with ETH gas prices, it can cost $80-120 to move that DAI into Polygon. Of course, once we’re inside the Polygon network, costs are minimal, and that has worked great for us! So - we are asking for a grant of 5000 mDAI in order to provide women with 12 mDAI each. With this support, we can onboard more than 400 members to the DAO and get them familiar with the Polygon ecosystem too . The entire grant will be used only for this purpose (no admin fees or other costs.) We would be grateful for your support, and happy to collaborate on some social media regarding this support of women in the ecosystem. Please let us know if you have any questions! Thanks for your consideration.

Amount Requested



Meta Gamma Delta has 100 members in approximately 2 years (it was summoned at ETHDenver in 2020). We’d like to onboard up to 400 more in the next 2 years. Our growth is organic, mainly through word of mouth. We’ve been growing on an upward-trending curve, and we want to eliminate gas prices as a limiting factor to our ability to reach people who are new to the space.