Grant Request by Ocean Protocol

Submission Date

November 11, 2021

Project Links

Medium: Ocean Protocol - Indian Outreach – Medium
Discord: Ocean Protocol

Project Description

We are part of the Indian outreach program ( Ocean Protocol - Indian Outreach – Medium ) and also part of the Ocean Ambassadors program and we are committed to foster innovation surrounding the Web3.0 data economy. We wish to seek grants to extend the outreach, at scale to deploy core tech initiatives of Ocean protocol on Polygon.

Although Ocean already has first class integration with any EVM-compatible chain (including Polygon), Creating an ecosystem that encourages developers to deploying on polygon leveraging ocean-tech will open up tremendous use-cases surrounding data-based financial products and innovative products that treat data as an asset-class.

Amount requested



  1. Conducting of online Events and workshops explaining the use-cases of Polygon, as well as Ocean protocol : 5000 USD

  2. Conducting a grand challenge event, where Polygon will be announced as key technical partner (and key mention of Polygon Ecosystem DAO): 10,000 USD [5,000 for event logistics and 10,000 USD earmarked for Projects covering both Polygon X Ocean protocol projects. Projects leveraging both Ocean (easier on-boarding of data-scientists and deploying on Polygon (to leverage low use-cases and get creative, which will lead to the next wave of Blockchain innovators )

Grant Request Status

Allocated to the team

Grant Request Status