Grant Request by Nexity Network

Submission Date

December 12, 2021

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Project Description

Circular Business Ecosystem - built to scale supply chain networks with incorporated IoT, AI, and backed by Blockchain.

Nexity Network is an innovative blockchain platform to streamline trade interactions with higher transparency, traceability, and productivity.

The platform enables users to improve supply chain collaboration by automating B2B interactions with suppliers and trading partners.

Business Users can search, track and manage the entire lifecycle of transactions and products in real-time with incorporated AI for better decisions and backed by multiple blockchains for multi-party visibility of a permissioned, immutable shared record that will fuel transparency and trust across a value chain.

Nexity Network is integrating Enterprise-NFTs to secure products, inventory, and reputation with immutable quality assurance on the blockchain. Our solution is much more than just consumer collectibles - We are creating a Non-Fungible Record sub-Ecosystem from tracking supply chain information, ownership transfer, controlling access to data between organizations, products passports and quality certificates.

Amount requested

67,500 USD


Contract Management

Project infrastructure - 20 days (done)

Off-chain System

Contract list - 2 days (done)
Add/modify - 3 days (done)
Partner documents (negotiations, NDA, Energy Certification, etc) - 8 days (done)
Date of contact - 3 days (done)
Additional documents - 2 days (done)
Validation - 2 days (done)
Email notification - 3 days (done)
Contract library - 29 days (75%)


Actions - 3 days (done)
Contract Main flow - 20 days (70%)
Actions history - 30 days (60%)
Automation flow - 3 days (done)

Contract Life-cycle on Polygon - 25 days (requesting $15,000)
Payment integration with Circle (on Ethereum) - 40 days (10%)
Data freeze (saving contract status for reports and uploading on the blockchain - Polygon) aprox. 4 days (requesting $900)

Note: I didn’t include the entire list of requirements/sub-modules; only what I consider relevant for you.

Total for Contract Management: $15,900


Platform - Flow with Features (only for the Marketplace)

Home explore
NFT Creation
Connect to wallet
Admin Panel

total (all six) - 20 days

Farming - 20 days
Staking - 20 days

Grant request for Enterprise NFTs: $51,600

Total grant request for Nexity Network: $67,500

Target Launch:

Contract Management: (the first prototype will be available at the end of January)

Enterprise-NFT Marketplace - 28 January

Additional note: we are using different teams for each product.

Grant Request Status