Grant Request by Moonrocks NFT

Submission Date
January 18, 2022

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Project Description

Moonrocks is a Hollywood Produced cartoon story of martian aliens called the MAD MARTIANS whom lived a perfect life on their humble planet. They discovered a resource called Moonrocks. During this time Bored Apes Yacht Club NFTs land, Super Yetti NFTs, Crytpo Venetians landed and dozens high valued NFT projects began to land on this planet METAVERSE, to enjoy and prosper. End of 2022 this cartoon serise IP will intorduce the META HUMANS the enemis of the MAD MARTIINS and they will go into a way over the resourses of the MOONROCKS.

Amount requested
9,900 USD


Milestone 1 to raise $10,000 USD to complete an additional episode of the cartoon series that talks about POLYGON in the cartoon and its revolving around the MOONROCKS story and NFTs.

Milestone 2 to raise $10,000 USD to build a proof of concept in the mobile game that uses MATIC as the token coins wintin the game to use to open up new levels and to win a liquidity pool in the game engagement design play to earn.

Milestone 3 to raise one last raise of $20,000 in order to place $10,000 into a liquidity pool for the player to win and $10,000 i order to complete the basic game development for the mobile game. Mobile game to be developed by my USC student game developer who has build a game before and launched it.