Grant Request by Moonetrica (Updated with Resubmission)

Submission Date
January 25, 2022

Project Links

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @moonetrica
Facebook: Moonetrica

Project Description

Active users in the DeFi sector have grown from 100k to 10+M in the last year (only Metamask analytics)
TVL on all protocols and blockchains have grown from 2M to 150+M in the last year.

All these users want to facilitate the use of multiple DeFi protocols and here’s why:
The main problem for the DeFi user/investor today: new blockchains and new DeFi protocols are being added every day. An experienced user has to manually search/stake/collect rewards going from one site to another. Also manually have to calculate the total income from all pools. For beginners, the lack of information on what definite DeFi protocol to choose, whether it is reliable for investment or not.

Solution: The user can connect his wallet and check all pools and protocols where he stakes the liquidity on all blockchains in 1 window. Also, users will see analytics (impermanent loss, profit/loss, get notifications), tokens on their wallet, can do “collect rewards” from the pool from the dashboard, swap tokens on the platform (choose the best token rate from our swap marketplace, we will connect different DEX’s), DeFi and pools risk score ratings, bridge, NFT gallery, etc. We will create a utility token for Pro features on the platform (like best token rate swap, pro analytics, collect rewards, users will vote in future to add future protocols to platform). Pro features will be available only for token holders. I want to connect 200+ protocols on 12+ blockchains.

Amount requested
50,000 USD


Launch mvp (Fetching data from first DeFi protocol using web3.js + fetching data from Polygon and showing assets to user, add other features) - 10.000 USD

Add new DeFi protocols (more than 25+) from Polygon ecosystem using web3.js - 30.000 USD

Creating swap marketplace, connecting to different Polygon DEX’s, offer to community best rate swap across different DEX’s - 10.000 USD