Grant Request by Molliverse

Submission Date
February 5, 2022

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Project Description

Build meaningful relationships through trust-based communication. Dive into the mollie dating app experience made unique by our AI Chatbot, enhanced with NFT AR Video profiles, to provide a creative & personalized platform for users to express themselves. Molliverse aims to be the world’s 1st geo-location based metaverse for virtual-to-physical realm social/dating experience that facilitates Metaverse-to-Online-to-Offline interactions.

Amount requested
240,000 USD


1)MVP Dating app (Q42020-Q12022); All aspects of problem validation, research, design, dev work for Mollie Dating app, the addition of Web 3.0 feature; (budget spent = 100k USD; milestone achieved)

2)Marketing/MainNet of Dating app/Molliverse development(Q22022); Finding Product/Market fit for Mollie Dating app; Game/Design development of Molliverse (Mollie’s Metaverse World); (Budget required = 120k USD)

3)Mollie Dating App/Molliverse development(Q32022); Maintaining Mollie Dating app, Primary focus is to launch Molliverse Testnet; (Budget required = 120k USD)