Grant Request by MindMiner

Submission Date
January 18, 2022

Project Links

Youtube: mindminer - YouTube

Project Description

MindMiner is a social innovation platform automating patent applications and assigning patent pending inventions to Idea NFTs. MindMiner is also a 2022 semi-finalist for Startup of the Year.

MindMiner transforms ideas into currency. It solves the difficulty in creating patent applications and selling ideas. MindMiner empowers anyone with an idea to improve, buy or sell it as patent pending intellectual property by leveraging the power of NFTs.

MindMiner incentivizes innovation. MindMiner’s users can browse and select problems to solve on the platform by choosing tags that interest them (for example, by selecting items tagged with “climate change,” or “hunger” and choosing a related problem to solve). By articulating a solution, each user can earn a ERC20 “IdeaCoin” token as a reward for making the solution available for others to build upon. Or, each user can keep their idea a secret before taking the next step to generate an automated patent application to protect and monetize the idea. After the patent application is created, MindMiner assigns ownership of the patent application via an Idea NFT before transferring the Idea NFT back to the user. MindMiner therefore enables an innovation economy incentivizing MindMiner’s users to create solutions for humanity’s pressing problems.

Within its ecosystem, MindMiner also incentivizes product improvements. By identifying problems with existing products, MindMiner’s users can collaborate with others to build improvements to solve such problems. The solutions - once combined into a unified invention - are placed into a patent application. After MindMiner files the patent application, the assignment of the solutions are allocated to an Idea NFT. Aside from providing companies with a mechanism to better interact with their consumers, MindMiner users can sell their patent pending product improvements back to the companies in the form of Idea NFTs.

MindMiner creates a social innovation marketplace. Through the power of Idea NFTs, users can easily generate and sell patent applications to establish rights in their ideas. Upon the sale or use of Idea NFTs (on OpenSea, for instance), creators of Idea NFTs can earn royalties and remain incentivized to continue to solve problems.

MindMiner’s vision and mission is to inspire solutions for the world’s pressing problems by leveraging the blockchain and the power of the crowd. We truly believe that this will be a game-changing application of the Polygon ecosystem, with the potential to dramatically expand its value. Please join us in our efforts to empower everyone with an idea to be empowered and incentivized to advance solutions to humanity’s pressing problems.

Amount requested
250,000 USD


Milestone 1: Creation and Deployment of “IdeaCoin” ERC20 token: $25,000

Milestone 2: Linkage of Royalties from Idea NFTs generated on MindMiner to liquidity pool underpinning “IdeaCoin” ERC20 token: $25,000

Milestone 3: Allocation of MATIC tokens to liquidity pool (potentially via uniswap) for IdeaCoin ERC20 token: $50,000

Milestone 4: Social Media Influencer Marketing - attract 100 social media influencers to lead subject matter groups (i.e. “Climate Change” and “Hunger”) on MindMiner to promote and attract users: $150,000


After reviewing this grant carefully we have taken the hard decision of not awarding it this time.

While we want to support as many projects as we can, we receive a large number of proposals and our funds are limited so sadly we need to turn some projects down.

We also believe that this project is in an early stage so please feel to apply for a grant when this project is more mature.

I would like to thank you for thinking of Polygon and I wish you all the best for the future.

Kind regards,