Grant Request by ManFunks

Submission Date
February 7, 2022

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Project Description

ManFunks is a Play To Earn project that will give to players the opportunity to train, fight and bet with their NFTs.

We have ideas to create a deflationary token that can make this kind of games sustainable on time, many of this games depends on a mint/burn balance, but what we want is to bring other ideas with a limit in the token supply, halvening, and a drastic change in gameplay when this limit is reached.

For all this we need some development and tokenomics advisors and we are looking for them here.

We already are working in the Polygon Matic Network.

Initial minting launch in March 6th.

Amount requested
10,000 USD


  1. Minting Launch - Sell the initial set of NFTs that will fund the game developent - 2000USDC and Marketing and Communication

  2. Game development and Token Advisor - We need a tokenomics advisor because is the most important part in this project - 5000USDC and Marketing and Communication

  3. Game Launch and Token Launch - We need help with marketing and development advisors, and Servers investment - 3000 USDC