Grant Request by Madeium DAO

Submission Date
February 14, 2022

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Project Description

Madeium is the first Design DAO built over the past 3 years and launching next month. Madeium’s pure Web3 innovation ecosystem surrounds the world’s top Design, Innovation, Influencer, and Startup Brands with self-governing principles, community values, and distributed mindsets. Madeium brings code to life through the lens of top talent working directly with their followers and peer network.

We reinvented the Web2 “Concept-to-Consumer” flow into a direct peer-to-peer, Web3 flow and see all the way through physical manufacturing and IoT. This flow is now “Concept - With- Consumer,” integrating communities into the creation process. Finally linking NFTs with on-demand manufacturing and subsequent integrations of IoT (Internet of Things).

Grant approved

5,000 USD


  • Deploy on Polygon