Grant Request by Lûn: The Video NFT Economy for Households

Submission Date
October 8, 2021

Project Description

The NFT and DAO markets have been untapped in terms of potential, there is rampant plagiarism in NFT synthesis, a “buyer beware” mentality surrounding NFT purchases, and there is a tremendous cost and education barrier that lies in front of the typical household for family for diving into Web3.

Lûn is here to change the tides of the open sea! We’re consumerizing NFTs for households fully on the Polygon blockchain. The best way to make NFTs a household name is to integrate with household items! By integrating our Web3 platform with Web2 video interfaces (Ring, Vivint, Verkada, GoPro, Twitch, drone footage, CCTV, etc.), Lûn eliminates the tamper zone for NFTs by allowing for only direct uploads from platform to platform with no intermediary step (refer to our pitch deck for more detail)! We plan to take the work out of joining the crypto ecosystem and making your family Web3 creators!

Primary features:

  • Simplified onboarding
  • Video Creator economy
  • Scalable fees on Polygon
  • Seamless integration with video & smart home systems
  • Gamified referrals with onboarding NFT
  • Filecoin backend

Product Roadmap

Phase I: Creator Economy

  • Integrate platform with other marketplaces initially
  • Take 5% transaction fee from all content uploaded via our platform onto these external sites (NFT marketplaces pay fee)
  • DAO and Gnosis interoperable
  • Customers receive onboarding NFT (think CryptoKitties)

Phase II: Creator Marketplace

  • Fully on Polygon
  • No gas fees
  • 1% transaction fee (lowest in space)
  • Host onboarding events for celebrity families and DAOs (similar to Mirror $WRITE Race or America’s Funniest Home Videos)
  • Support for DAOs and Gnosis Safes
  • Your first NFT on us!

Phase III: Family DAOs

  • Create DAOs on our platform
  • Easily instantiate multiple wallets for each family member
  • Decide with a weighted consensus on how to buy and sell NFTs in your own family
  • Grow your family wealth on Web3 with Lûn!

Amount requested
50,000 USD


  • Milestone #1 (The Talking Stage): Conduct 50 to 100 user interviews - target 4 categories: 1. well-ingrained within crypto community, 2. decently aware of crypto community but only tried platforms once or less, 3. people who know about crypto but never tried any platform (target space), and 4. people who never heard about crypto. We also plan to conduct market research by trying to get connected with other founders and crypto aficionados by hopefully bringing them on as advisors. Have conversations with NFT platforms by offering to partner our Phase I Creator Economy with providing scalable fees and authenticity to their platform. Further develop GTM and solidify the pricing we have listed in our pitch deck (Budget: $10k)

  • Milestone #2 (The Hire Zone): Initial hiring (2 marketing, 2 business development, 2 UI/UX) and build landing page in order to pre-sell the platform. Build Discord and create a community engagement ($20K)

  • Milestone #3 (Wallets at Work): Build the beta platform via contractors for front end and backend development (refer to milestone #1)($20K)

Grant Request Status

Completed Denied