Grant Request by Lun: Consumerizing NFTs for Households

Submission Date

October 31, 2021

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Project Description

Lun is a project focused on building an NFT platform on Polygon; We’re consumerizing NFT creation with increased accessibility for households, and increasing the presence of DAOs as both creators and collectors in the NFT space. Refer to our pitch deck attached for more details!

Amount requested

100000 USD


Since the last time we applied, we have achieved our first milestone of user and market research! Here are our updated milestones:

Milestone 1 (Building Phase I: the Creator Economy): $30K; this involves hiring engineers, UI/UX, funding Polygon development, and marketing. Partner with other Polygon NFT marketplaces.
Milestone 2 (Getting TVL): $20K; Pre-sell the platform and get individuals and creator DAOs on our waitlist. Get users to start paying for eventual beta Phase I offering.
Milestone 3 (Community Creation): $50K; Build community & build beta for the Phase II NFT Marketplace - attract community of creators (utilize Discords, Telegrams, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook)

I love to see for grants also to tied metric for user milestones, yes for development, also user milestones.

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Grant Request Status



They seem really at an early stage. They say that milestone one is fulfilled, but they have basically to create the entire concept.
It is a project still on paper. In these cases we could indicate the impossibility to proceed with a grant.