Grant Request by Lucky Races

Submission Date
January 8, 2022

Project Links

Discord: Lucky Races
Gameplay Demo: lucky races demo dec 21 - YouTube

Project Description

Lucky Races is a Play-to-Earn NFT Metaverse Racing Game on the Polygon Blockchain.

It’s like a multiplayer board-game version of Mario Kart combined with the strategy of chess. It’s fully on-chain. Player choices matter. The vibe is fun and friendly!

Live Multiplayer Blockchain Races

  • On-chain gaming that offers true player agency + choice with every Play Phase.
  • Emergent gameplay that rewards strategy while allowing for anything to happen!
  • Browser-based 3D viewer to interact with smart contracts.

Play-to-Earn $SLIVER Tokens

  • We’ve already established the foundations of a robust game economy.
  • There are many ways to earn $SLIVER: placing in a race, renting your racer, etc.
  • And lots of great ways to use $SLIVER: entry fees, season pass, cosmetic items, etc.

High Quality 3D Original Racer NFTs

  • Our cutting-edge art production pipeline means that we can make procedural art that looks amazing.
  • These Original Racers NFTs will form the core of our community.

Wrapped Racers

  • We’ll create Wrapped Racers on Polygon that let you bring your ERC-721s from other chains into the Racerverse :slight_smile:

Amount requested
50,000 USD


  • MINT KEY SALE: Sell ERC-1155 Mint Keys on Polygon and other chains. ($12,500)
  • MINT KEY REDEMPTION: Redeem ERC-1155 Mint Keys from all chains for ERC-721 Original Racer NFTs on Polygon. ($12,500)
  • LUCKY RACES BETA GAME: We’ve already got an alpha up and running on Polygon. We will expand with a beta before a wider launch. ($25,000)