Grant Request by Lucky Day

Submission Date
February 10, 2022

Project Links

Discord: Lucky Day

Project Description

Lucky Day is an innovation at the intersection of art, DeFi, and traditional lottery systems. Contrary to a traditional ticket-based lottery where the tickets expire after a draw, owning a Lucky Day NFT entitles holders to weekly prizes. Pools will initially be funded by proceeds from the NFT sale but move to a perpetual funding model thanks to Polygon’s low fees and NFT royalty standards. 100% of secondary sale royalties will maintain the pool in perpetuity as long as NFTs are being traded. The pool can receive donations which may help stimulate NFT sales as the fair value of NFTs relative to the chances of winning and pool size are assessed by participants.

Users are encouraged to buy and sell Lucky Day NFTs, called “charms”, based on the size of the pool, similar to how one may buy a lottery ticket for a one time draw. With Lucky Day, participants have the option to sell the charms if they no longer want to participate in the lottery, triggering a contribution to the pool via the sale, and offering someone else a chance to win.

Our vision is that this system can be built upon to become composable in DeFi, where DAOs and pools may share NFTs and winnings, or other projects may use Lucky Day’s weekly draws as a base for other verifiably random actions. Lucky Day will be the first step, but in time we hope to release a governance token and hand over governance rights to the community, where new prize pools and draws may be added with varying levels of prizing both token and NFT based.

Lucky Day is inspired by PoolTogether, but strives to embed itself deeper within the Polygon NFT community, where collecting, trading, gaming, and creativity are the core focal points.

Amount requested
6,500 USD


Phase 1: $1300
Web Hosting: $180 on Vercel (3x seats, 3 months)
Web Design: $1120 (14x hours @ $80/hr)

Marketing: $2700
Twitter advertising - $1500: Estimated 300,000 ad impressions
Influencer programs - $1200: Estimated 3-4 programs ranging in scope with aims to stimulate community growth up to 10-15,000 Twitter/Discord Followers

Phase 3: $2500

  • Quantsamp/Certik Audits
  • Contract Deployment

Phase 4: $0

  • Launch Sale - Goal of raising $1,275,000
  • First draw for up to $637,500 if NFTs are sold out

Phase 5: $0

  • Subsequent weekly draws
  • Partnerships with NFT projects to generate awareness and engage communities
  • Growth up to 50,000 Twitter/Discord followers