Grant Request by Levyne

Submission Date
January 26, 2022

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Project Description

Levyne is a VR technology that transforms fabric images and garment sketches into 3D models that can directly be used for display in the Metaverse.

(demo 1:; demo 2:

The same technique is utilized to further organize interiors and furniture segments.
Through Levyne, we are building the easiest way to generate 3D assets for “Metaverse shopping”.

These 3D models can be loaded by embedding our iframe to the business’s website.

The long-term vision is to build a crypto-enabled virtual-commerce platform that would allow anyone to set up a Metaverse store and sell their products. (Shopify for Metaverse)

As a team and also for the businesses, it’s too early to start building Metaverse.
Thus we will ease up the asset generation process and use it to build the Metaverse later.

Product Demo:

Meet the Founder video:

Amount requested
16,000 USD


Automating the 3D asset generation system, Launching as a Shopify (and similar platforms) App, Adding the Computer Vision Layer, Denoising and refining - $6,000

Building 3D enabled NFT marketplace for Shopping, Storing 3D assets using IPFS, Connecting it with existing Shopify apps, Enabling 3D and interactive embedding of NFTs on Shopify like platforms - $5,500

Developing more options in Scene and Interiors, Community building and management - $4500