Grant Request by KitaJaga NFT

Submission Date
October 20, 2021

Project Links

Medium: KitaJaga – Medium
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @kitajaga

Project Description

KitaJaga is a P2P charity platform that allows users to help the community through geotag. Users can provide help directly to those who request and geotag their location on the platform. KitaJaga NFT is a feature that the team is creating an incentive layer utilizing NFT as a form of proof of charitable actions in the platform which can create strong social signaling for doing good to the public. The NFTs can also be done by famous artists where those who receive them can sell the NFTs in the secondary market and the royalty will go to the donation pool

Amount requested
15,000 USD


  1. Social and community building - building community with at least 10,000 followers on Twitter and 1000 in discord - 7000 USD

  2. Operation and developing - creating charity protocol using smart contracts that will distribute NFTs based on charity contributions - 5000 USD

  3. Documenting KitaJaga platform - to allow developers to quickly start their P2P platform and connect to our charity protocol - 3000 USD

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Grant Request Status

Completed Denied