Grant Request by Juanma

Submission Date
October 10, 2021

Project Links

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @cryptonumbers

Project Description

We are providing stability prices to NFT always using crypto value as a reference. Completely detached from fiat currencies. Thinking crypto, we remain in crypto. A double token protocol, similar to MakerDAO, but only focus on bringing stability to NFT¨s

Amount requested
74,000 USD


  1. Project presentation - web3 app integration+legal & foundation issues - 35000usd

  2. Testnet with community - Community growth&airdrop for testnet - 3000usd

  3. StablenFT - Add & test stablenFT functionality - 6000usd

  4. Presale and Mainnet - Token NMBC presale and network deployment - 30000usd

Grant Request Status

Completed Denied