Grant Request by JOKER METAVERSE

Submission Date
January 28, 2022

Project Links

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @JOKER_METAVERSE
Medium: JOKER METAVERSE – Medium
Youtube: JOKER METAVERSE - YouTube
Instagram: Login • Instagram

Project Description

Our project is built on the concept of deck card gaming which is 1100 years old. We are an NFT based real-time card gaming and dividend platform developed on Matic Network. We offer 90% profit to our gamers and daily dividends to our NFT holders. Our NFT holders will earn in every round which means multiple times a day. We have very limited NFTs and every NFT is used in the game, hence their demand will always be high. We will also launch our own native cryptocurrency that will be used to play games on our platform. We have choosed deck card gaming due to its popularity and huge market size.

Amount requested
50,000 USD


GAME LAUNCH - We will be launching our all 5 card games on both web and smartphone. This will include the development of gaming engine, different gaming room, reward mechanism & distribution, admin panel, wallet interrogation etc. Delivery Forecast - Q2 2022 - $18000

METAVERSE AND MARKETPLACE - Marketplace will be the place where NFTs will be bought or sold and avatars will be created. Here one can buy and sell things like digital art and virtual lands as per their choice. We will be also launching a collection of gaming NFTs. Our metaverse and marketplace development will include creators panel, 3D avatar AI Desk, clothing for avatar, framing for NFT cards, digital goods and much more. Delivery Forecast - Q4 2022 - $32000

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