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Submission Date

December 28, 2021

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Project Description performs as a payment method with a built-in widget for fast and secure deposits by VISA and MasterCard with 25+ fiat conversion pairs.

The main benefits that partner gets from the collaboration:

  • The fastest widget to accept deposits by credit cards
  • Simple user flow and highest conversion into successful deposits.
  • VISA, MasterCard are all accepted
  • Best exchange rates on the market
  • 25+ fiat conversion pairs are available
  • Risk-free solution - we cover chargebacks and fraud, no rolling reserve needed;

We can also perform the OTC trade.

Itez does not have any hidden or additional fees. What user sees on the widget, that he gets.

Amount requested

49,000 USD


  1. Adding a possibility for customers to buy MATIC tokens on Polygon in a user-friendly way with a bank card (already done)
  2. Providing exclusive rates to buy MATIC via Itez (already done)
  3. Reaching a larger user base among Itez’ customers and a network of partners (already done)
  4. To add support other Polygon tokens in Itez widget (Q1 2022)
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Grant Request Status

Allocated to the team