Grant Request by iGain - Interest Rate Synth

Submission Date
February 7, 2022

Project Links

Website: iGain Ecosystem
Discord: Hakka Finance
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @hakkafinance

Project Description

iGain - Interest Rate Synth (IRS) is the first DeFi interest rate derivative, providing investors a platform to hedge against the risk of future changing interest rates of any yield protocols, such as lending, staking, aggregator…etc. It empowers users to lock future interest rates, by purchasing Long and Short tokens of interest rates. For example, iGain - IRS could provide interest rates derivative of Aave.

If lenders want to fix their lending rate, they could lend their assets on Aave and short interest rate on our platform. Then if the interest rate is going down, though their profit from lending is decreased, it’ll earn back from the short positions, vice versa.

On the other hand, If borrowers want to fix their borrowing rate, they could borrow assets on Aave and long interest rate on our platform. Then if the interest rate is going up, though their borrowing cost is increased, the long positions cover the Incremental cost.

Grant approved

5,000 USD


User Onboarding:
Integrate Polygon bridge and instructions in our product to onboard users from Ethereum and BSC to Polygon.