Grant Request by humanDAO

Submission Date
January 18, 2022

Project Links

Medium: humanDAO – Medium

Project Description

Our mission is to help the underserved make a living in the metaverse. We already raised $3.7M in our LBP auction on Polygon in December. But most of those funds are going to buying NFTs to sponsor new scholars and paying our team of managers and builders. Most of our community is from developing nations.

We need dev support and additional funding for two major aspects of the DAO:

  1. Education- we are going to be building a robust educational program for our community, most of whom know nothing about crypto. We’ll be providing them with identities (subdomains from ENS once it rolls out on Polygon) and airdropping them HDAO tokens to learn about crypto. Everything we are building will be on Polygon (and also a lot of it will be dual on mainnet)

  2. Gaming optimization- we need help building internal tools so we can scale our scholar program. The more people we can onboard the more lives we can impact.

  3. Staking on Polygon- we need some dev help and support to get this set up!

Amount requested
170,000 USD


  1. Education- we are seeking funds for dev support to build out a custom education program for our community members (26k+ at the moment) and marketing spend to bring awareness to it. We are requestion $40k to cover dev costs and $20k to cover marketing spend. Our goal is to bring 10,000 new crypto users through our education funnel this year.

  2. Gaming optimization- we will need to build an optimization tool to scale our scholar program. This is going to be big undertaking but will eventually allow 1000’s of new members to learn about P2E and plug into P2E games to earn living wages. We are requesting $50k for development of this and $20k for marketing to new scholars.

  3. Staking on Polygon- we are working on implementing staking on both mainnet and Polygon. We’re seeking $30k to cover dev costs and $10k to market to our users on Polygon .