Grant Request by Hobby Cartel

Submission Date
January 28, 2022

Project Links

Linktr: The Hobby Cartel Metaverse Marketplace | Linktree
Discord: Hobby Cartel

Project Description

The Hobby Cartel Launches First Asset-Backed NFT Ushering in A New Era of Collectible Assets.
The collectibles market has been rapidly evolving into a new form of investment since 2020. This new class of investment (referred to as alternative assets) are defined as assets that cannot be categorized as stocks, bonds, or certificates. The exponential growth of the trading card market alone has been staggering (see video by WSJ). “Hobby collectibles have become an emerging asset class that can’t be ignored and we’re all in.” said Matthew Hoffman, Founder of the Hobby Cartel. “Blockchain technology such as Polygon (MATIC) and other NFT technology will be the catalyst that doubles the total addressable market in the next 7 years. We want to help foster that growth through increased accessibility, participation and value transparency.”

The limited-edition collection consists of 25 tokens. Each NFT is unique, including rare graded collectible assets. While these rare physical assets provide token owners with short-term value, the utility of each NFT provides owners with a wide range of access, membership, service, and reward perks that renew annually increasing the ROI overtime.

There are 5 different variant levels within this exclusive collection:

  • True Believer
  • Super Rare
  • Ultra Rare
  • Rare
  • Uncommon

The physical assets and advantages tethered to each variant level scale up with exclusivity and rewards. The collection low threshold pricing starts at 300-350 MATIC (~$500.00 USD), with high threshold pricing at 8000-8500 MATIC (~$12500.00 USD).

Amount requested
15,000 USD


Milestone 1: Launch Genesis NFT Drop on Polygon for Hobby Cartel as proof-of-concept for founding a Hobby Community DAO and begin building the physical Marketplace, Vault location in Dallas that will be tethered to the current Hobby Cartel shop in the metaverse. Vaulted physical assets will be stored for future liquidity pool.

Milestone 2: Launch Platform Solution for Whitelabel NFT Sites with Polygon as only minting option for brands and collectors of physical and digital collectibles.

Milestone 3: Launch ERC20 governance token for the Hobby Community and use Milestone 2 sites to create a global network effect that can span the globe across both physical and digital collectibles.