Grant Request by Global MOTODB Protocol

Submission Date
October 12, 2021

Project Links

Discord: Discord

Project Description

The MOTODB Protocol is a Global, Decentralized Car Industry Blockchain that will enable the Connected Cars Paradigm by putting the Driver at the Centre and Empower them to share their user-generated Data in return for real rewards. We are passionate and strong advocates of Car Data Privacy and also believe that the Driver should benefit from the data they generate. We are working with a wide variety of Car Ecosystem Partners to enable this Vision.

Amount requested
50,000 USD


Global Pilot/ Proof of Concept with 200 Cars enabled with MOTODB CarMiners - US$ 20,000

Listing on Global CryptoExchange(s) of the MOTODB tokens: US$ 20,000

Development of Protocol/ CarMiners: US$ 10,000

Grant Request Status

Completed Denied