Grant Request by Global Health Governance Project 2057

Submission Date
January 7, 2022

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Project Description

Global Health Governance Project 2057, is to eradicate financial poverty and poor health, with the use of Web 3.0. The AstaBrata is Metaverse Game, designed and planned, by taking in to consideration, Indian Subcontinents’ native people’s thousand year history, trade and currency exchange of the ancient times.

The AstaBrata Game has been planned to attract Asian Priority and Language use, though can be played worldwide.

All the NFT’s and FT’s for the Game, have been carved and created to get utilized in the game.

Amount requested
26,000 USD


1st Milestone: 9000 USDC, will be invested to develop the AstaBrata, game on the Metaverse, distribute and Sell NFT’s and FT’s for further rolling.
(Time Duration: 3 Months)

2nd Milestone: 9000 USDC. The amount will be invested to develop and start infrastructure and healthcare facilities free of cost to underprivileged Global Population.
The Amount of Grant will further invested to develop ecosystem for further expansion of the Game and to acquire digital space for the game.

3rd Milestone: 8000 USDC, will be invested for the expansion of the DAO to whole of the Asia, including the Russia

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