Grant Request by GeeGee

Submission Date

November 30, 2021

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Project Description

GeeGee is developing a platform-agnostic monetization engine to help gaming communities increase revenue and engagement around the Games, Friends and Content Creators they follow, by delivering low-cost digital tools which remove some major industry pain-points and lead to a new type of monetized gaming environment for all users.

Through integrating Emoney with blockchain technology we are creating the first P2P network as a universal financial intermediary for the gaming and content creation industries.

Amount Requested

120.000 USD


  1. Architecture - 4 weeks - $40,000

  2. UI/UX ready - begin development - 2 weeks - $20,000

  3. Infrastructure build/Overlay development - 2 weeks - $20,000

  4. Smart contract development & Blockchain setup - 4 weeks -$40,000

As the ecosystem relies on a price stable currency (Gee-Bucks) with a value of $0.01:1 Gee-Buck, and the smart contracts are only minted when the Gee-Bucks are purchased/converted, the TVL measure will not change. The fiat reserve for the Gee-bucks economy will be held by an institutional bank.

Grant Request Status

Allocated to the Team