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Submission Date
January 22, 2022

Project Links

Discord: ⚡
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @flexpool

Project Description

We propose to create a version of for Polygon that will be EIP-1559 compatible. This will be the first website that accurately tracks gas and transactions of the post 1559 Polygon network.

To do so we will spin up our own Polygon node and monitor the mempool.
We will also breakdown the mempool so that users can observe that is occupying it and what is being processed (so that users can see Polygon blocks divided into tokens, NFT’s, defi, etc.) We will track the gas costs of the most used tokens and historical gas to tell users when is best to use the Polygon network. We will also breakdown future blocks so that users can see where gas is going.

By seeing how Polygon is being used, users and developers can better understand the Polygon network. Developers will be better able to address any issues (such as one NFT/game taking up most of the blocks) and users will be better able to understand gas.

We plan to add in additional features/details as funding allows such as dividing our mempool analysis to show the activity of different defi apps, games, exchanges, etc. so that users can understand just what is going on in the Polygon world. This will greatly improve transparency and user understanding. We would also like to add in a “whale alert” like feed so that users can track big movements of assets.

We are requesting a small fixed amount for setup and to pay our employees along with a monthly stipend for maintaining everything and for server costs. Because we require fast hardware to accurately track the mempool in real time our server costs are quite high. We would prefer to receive additional funding as there is a lot more detail we can add but we understand that funds are limited. What we are asking for is the minimum amount, we have other profitable businesses and a lot of the work has already been done building for Ethereum.

One other benefit we offer is API’s that update every 0.1 seconds via webhooks. These provide much more precise gas estimation than anyone else currently offers. This allows us to serve as an alternative for wallets/apps. There have been times that the gas estimator for metamask has gone down and by adding us in as a backup this gives Polygon users an alternative.

If there is additional funding available over what we request we will invest that funding into adding in an additional detailed breakdown of the mempool and translating the website into other languages. One feature we would really like to have is a breakdown of DEFI, NFT, EXCHANGES so that users can see how busy each is and how much estimated value each is receiving/sending/processing each day.

Amount requested
5,000 USD


a) $5000 will go towards building and launching the Polygon
b) $1000 monthly will go towards monthly maintenance and updates. Most of this cost is taken up by the servers.

c) An additional $2000 monthly will allow us to continue to update and develop the website providing detailed breakdowns of the mempool, activity on the network, breakdown of assets and where they are located, whale alerts, largest users, historical information, and whatever else users/developers desire to see. We will maintain a channel in our discord for users to make suggestions and/or we can have a channel in the Polygon discord where users make make suggestions. We will try to add in api’s for information users request.


After reviewing this proposal we have made the hard decision of not wawarding the grant at this time.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to apply for the grant and to think of Polygon and I wish you every success for your project.

Kind regards,