Grant Request by Furious Ape Society

Submission Date
February 8, 2022

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Project Description

We are a NFT Project that is looking for Changing the Standarts Of NFT Projects.

We are currently Deploying our Project on Polygon.

The Project will be having following Features!
Breeding - Lets you breed one Ape out of 2

Fuse - Lets you fuse 2 Apes into one MEGA APE

Earning - Earn Tokens by simply holding a breeded Ape

Evolving - The breeded Ape will have 4 Evolving Phases for each Phase you will earn more
Tokens and the overall NFT Changes

Reaching out Smart contracts - Each Hodler will receive 4 Smart contracts that includes the Functions Above listed, also the Drop will include a Full Instruction on how the smart contracts work and how to Deploy them on Polygon.

Amount requested