Grant Request by Fitlok

Submission Date
February 5, 2022

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Project Description

Fitlok is intended to be a web3 based community for fitness enthusiasts. It is based on NFTs as an exclusive membership/access provider.
The NFTs [FitCheetahs] would be programmed to pull in data via Oracle from external fitness ecosystems/platforms like Strava/Fitbit and evolve to tradable and playable cards with attributes and points derived based on consistency and intensity of exercises.

Based on the above setup, there would be games designed to motivate members to continue to perform fitness activities as well as engage in the platform. One example of the game design would involve virtual races where the outcome of the races would be dependent on the various NFT attributes, which were actually based on the exercise activity data.

There would be other such game designs to motivate people to get fitter. This would lead to the concept of Exercise-to-Earn.

There would be a token launch as well as part of the project that would serve the dual purpose of adding on the rewards and engagement mechanisms on the platform as well as eventually becoming a governance token for a DAO that would oversee the course of the project.

As part of the community engagement, there would be other aspects as well focused around fitness like group interactions, fitness/motivation/diet tips, contests, partner engagements. All these would lead to a fitness-focused metaverse that would be highly engaged.

Amount requested
16,000 USD


NFT Design and launch - 3500 USD
Integration with Strava - 2000 USD
Integration with Fitbit - 2000 USD
NFT Evolution to Cards - 3000 USD
Game Design and Launch - 3000 USD
Marketing - 2500 USD