Grant Request by Everipedia (IQ)

Submission Date
January 7, 2022

Project Links

Discord: IQ
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @everipedia

Project Description

Everipedia’s mission is to bridge the real world and the Metaverse by creating, curating, and preserving all forms of knowledge on-chain from history to art to finance to data through the IQ token.

The IQ token was first launched in 2018 and powers the Everipedia encyclopedia which is the world’s largest on-chain Web 3.0 encyclopedia with over 25,000 daily users, the first-party oracle service Everipedia OraQles, and the staking platform HiIQ which rewards stakers with IQ token rewards and NFT raffles.

To further this mission the IQ protocol launched BrainDAO, the first Web 3.0 Metaverse Knowledge Fund, with 750 million IQ and a treasury of LP tokens and FRAX.
To ensure the growth of BrainDAO and Everipedia’s suite of dapps the IQ protocol is looking to expand all of its dapps over to Polygon. The Everipedia team has already expanded some of our dapps to Polygon. Everipedia built the Everipedia OraQles service on Polygon which was used by The Associated Press to publish the results of the March Madness college basketball tournament, one of America’s most popular sporting events, on Polygon.

Most recently the IQ protocol launched NFT raffles which used Chainlink VRF on Polygon for IQ token stakers to distribute NFTs to IQ stakers in a fast, secure, and provably random way.

Polygon’s level of speed and scalability combined with their Ethereum L1 security makes Polygon the ideal ecosystem for the IQ protocol to build on. For these reasons we’ve seen a lot of demand in our community to expand all of our dapps over to Polygon from Ethereum and EOS.

The IQ protocol is now looking to expand all of its dapps onto the Polygon ecosystem starting with the Everipedia encyclopedia, which is the first and largest Web 3.0 crypto encyclopedia with over 25,000 daily users. We are also planning to expand HiIQ, the IQ token staking platform, onto Polygon.

In the short term, this month we plan on hosting a contest with IQ token rewards for editors who create pages about Polygon and the Polygon ecosystem.

Everipedia editors have already created pages for Polygon and its founders; however with this contest the goal is to cover the entire Polygon ecosystem.

Amount requested
1,000,000 USD


To ensure that there is no risk to the Polygon Ecosystem DAO the first milestone will be for BrainDAO to send $1 million dollars worth of IQ tokens to the Polygon Ecosystem DAO. Only after that is completed then will the Polygon Ecosystem DAO send BrainDAO $1 million dollars worth of MATIC. BrainDAO and the Polygon Ecosystem DAO will then use these funds to ensure that the IQ token will grow on Polygon with the majority of funds going towards setting up IQ/MATIC liquidity on Polygon.

BrainDAO and the Everipedia team will then work to expand Everipedia’s dapps over to Polygon starting with the Everipedia encyclopedia and then the IQ token staking service HiIQ.