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Submission Date
January 28, 2022

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Project Description

Pods enable the easiest way to hedge crypto assets in Ethereum. The Pods Protocol is a ETHRank is an achievement system on Ethereum. Our users are some of the most active on the blockchain. Being featured in ETHRank achievements, goals, and steps is a great way to drive engagement to your project, and to encourage participation in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Amount requested
12,000 USD


$3000 - Development
Season One - Started Jan 15

  • Award points for users who have interacted with the Polygon bridge contract on mainnet.
  • Award points for users who own at least 1 $MATIC on mainnet.

$3000 - Season One Prize Pool

  • Awarded to the top users on the leaderboard at the end of Season One.

$3000 - Development
Season Two - Launches April 15, 2022

  • Keep both current achievements for Polygon users/MATIC holders.
  • Add support for L2 interactions and ownership.
  • Add support for other initiatives your team comes up between now and Spring.

$3000 - Season Two Prize Pool

  • Awarded to the top users on the leaderboard at the end of Season Two.


After carefully assessing this project, we have taken the decision of not awarding the grant at this time.

We receive a large number of proposals and while we want to support as many projects as we need to select the projects, we think will have a bigger impact for Polygon.

I would like to take this opportunity that thank you for thinking of Polygon and I wish you every success for this project.

Kind regards,