Grant Request by Eggheads by iLearn

Submission Date

January 27, 2022

Project Links

Discord: Eggheads

Project Description

Eggheads is a web/mobile RPG puzzle platform that allows players to fight for cash prizes, tokens, NFTs, or just for fun. The goal of Eggheads is to provide a seamless live gameshow experience with everyone in mind. Crypto experts and novices alike will be able to compete. Play against your friends or top contenders in front of an audience.

The initial launch of the application will kick off with PvP and Battle Royale style category-based trivia as the featured puzzle game. Planned games in development include chess puzzles, quick math, and jeopardy word search.

Everything from winner payouts, game eligibility to in-game items will be facilitated with the low cost and fast transaction speeds of our infrastructure. The blockchain infrastructure will be seamless. Minimal-to-no crypto experience is needed for end-user account setup.

Amount Requested

50000 USD


Starting Budget $5,000

—>>>Add Simple Sign up Polygon Wallet compatibility into our Quiz game functionality for players

— Milestone $15,000

—>>> Add Polygon Wallet compatibility into our Quiz game functionality for Matic/ Polygon companies

— Milestone $15,000

—>>> Add Polygon Token Addition compatibility into our company Quiz builder (Any Matic token can create a quiz on our platform)

— Milestone $10,000

—>>> Launching the first Quiz with Matic content

— Milestone $5,000