Grant Request by Edubuk

Submission Date

December 12, 2021

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Project Description

Edubuk is an creating a Full-Stack Customized & Decentralized Skilling Ecosystem which is Globally Scalable using Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Technology. Edubuk’s ecosystem is globally award winning by MIT University, Harvard University, IIT, IIM, NASSCOM, TiE Delhi, TiE Mumbai and other reputed organizations. Founders are Gold Medalists, Toppers with rich experience in Education field and are passionate about building decentralized Edtech which is globally scalable.

Amount requested

40,000 USD


Milestone 1.) Migrate our current version of Customized Skilling Plan & Learner Profile (Intelligence Type, Interest Type, Passion) on the Learner’s Edubuk Profile created on the Polygon Blockchain: Budget: $10,000 and will be created by Sept 2022 after proper testing.

Milestone 2.) Complete Blockchain Based Profile Development: including Learner’s Profile, Learning Medium & Resources, Credits & Grades Earned, Certificates & Transcripts, Subjects, Courses & Projects with their proofs on the Blockchain. Budget: $20,000, will be created by March 2023 (after proper testing)

Milestone 3.) Creating an AI driven Job & Internship Assistance tool in sync with Leaner’s Edubuk Profile stored in a tamper proof manner on the Blockchain, this will be created by Sept 2023.


Edubuk Blockchain Project Update:

1.) Smart Contracts created for Skill Verification by Institutes for Students, by Companies for Employees, by Experts/Teachers for Learners (on our video first online skilling platform) has been Deployed Successfully on the Polygon Mumbai Testnet. Attaching Screenshots of the same below (of the deployment done today: 9th Jan 2022). Transaction confirmation here: Polygon Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | PolygonScan

Smart Contracts code saved here on Github Repository: GitHub - edubuk/Edubukio-blockchain-code: Edubuk's Smart Contracts Blockchain code (Polygon)

2.) Our New website is live here: and the Linked front end website with Smart Contracts on the Polygon network is live here: (full front end being built, shall be completed within 1 month: by 2nd week of Feb 2022).

3.) The plan is to have a fully decentralized skilling verification system on the public blockchain network (Polygon) to verify the skills, Leaner’s Intelligence Type, Interest Type, Credits, Grades, Subjects, Courses, Certificates: Edubuk Profile for Students on the Blockchain as shown here below (image):

Images below for the screenshots of the contract deployment on the Polygon Mumbai Testnet: This has been checked by team: Zeeve to cross check the contracts (audit it).

Current Traction and Plan Going Forward:

1.) At present we have 15,900 users on our Web-based platform their age group is from 11 years to 26 years (from class 6th to college level students). These are the students who have taken our globally award winning MIIT Screening (Multiple Intelligence & Interest Test: 2 part: 100 + 30 questions to determine their dominant intelligence types, interest types and top 3 most relevant career paths for them). They have also taken our Customized Skilling Plans in 3 career paths, which comes as a complete package. This is till today. And all the current profiles of these students (their top 3 intelligence types, their top 3 interest types, their 3 career paths, their 3 customized learning plans, their certificates they got via online learning, their offline certificates will all be migrated to the blockchain based Edubuk profile, so essentially these existing users will have their current profiles, moved to the chain as well).

2.) in last 2 months, we have inked 4 B2B Partnerships and are in advanced talks with 2 more Education/Ed-tech corporates in 3 countries: India, UAE and Egypt as mentioned below:

  • India: Zee Learn (3 year deal): where we will get access to 25,000+ students (Class 6th to Class 12th) across 120 Schools in India which come under Zee Learn’s corporate ambit. This starts with new academic session in Feb 2022.
  • India: Classbazaar (3 year deal): and Class Bazaar where we will have access to all students 2,600+ that come each month on Classbazaar’s platform to take various online courses (they have used our API to integrate our MIIT screening for the students on their platform). Already started since past 7 months, got 900+ students for 3 years consecutive sign-up. Revenue has started coming in.
  • India: Parentingplus (3 year deal): Parenting Plus where we will have access to 1,200+ students that come each month to take some courses and counselling services via this platform: (they have also used our API to integrate our MIIT screening for the students on their platform). Already started since past 1.5 years, conducted 100+ tests in Dubai UAE already (AED payments received).
  • UAE: Panworld LLC (3 year contract): which is taking our product to the MENA region including UAE and Egypt (with Ministry of Education, MoE, Egypt) where they have 20 million + students who are already enrolled into Panworld LLC’s ERP based LMS that they provide to various schools.

In all the above B2B Collaborations, they have thoroughly tested our product and also know that we will create a decentralized profile for each of these students on the Blockchain (Edubuk profile).

  • Additionally, we are in talks with Next Education ( which have access to 18,000+ schools in India in the K-12 segment (they are also testing our product as of now, 3 calls have been done and the talks are progressing very well). Lastly, we have Smart Schools Online ( by which we will have access to 6,000 K-12 segment schools in India.
  • Also, since we are a part of State Government of Telangana and NASSCOM’s AI accelerator, Cohort-1 (top 40 startups pan India selected from 1,000+ applications): (Cohort 1 – Telangana AI Mission (T-AIM)). Started in October 2021, we will be getting access to state school students, and corporate tie-ups via TASK (Telangana Academy of Skills & Knowledge) will give us access to 45,000+ college students in the state (which are registered under TASK, singed letter from Dept. of Education, Telangana state we already have for conducting pilots in 10 model schools and then expand the program state-wide in schools).

3.) So, these are the B2B MoUs and deals + potential more deals that we are in advanced level talks which combined together will access to huge student database; more than 40 million in India, UAE and Egypt (combined together). All these students will have all their profiles (their top 3 intelligence types, their top 3 interest types, their 3 career paths, their 3 customized learning plans, their certificates they got via online learning, their offline certificates will all recorded on the blockchain based Edubuk profile.

Essentially, the customized Edubuk profile for each student on the Blockchain with all their 360 degree skills, interest, intelligence, career path, learning medium, customized learning plans, certificates, transcripts, grades will all be on the chain, recorded in the tamper proof manner: Edubuk

4.) We will create a skill verification process on the Polygon blockchain for example: whenever a user uploads a certificate, it will have to be approved by the certificate providing authority and only then it will be approved on the chain. All the student will be issued Edubuk tokens as an incentivization program (rewards) every-time they upload a certificate, get their skills verified or complete learning milestones by learning on our video-first skilling platform. These Edubuk tokens can be used on our platform to purchase future courses at a discount. Finally these customized Blockchain based Edubuk profile will be used to suggest most relevant job opportunities in the market in sync with each learner’s Edubuk profile.

At this pace, we will significantly complete the full front end website linked with back end Smart Contracts deployed on Polygon Mainnet much before end of 2022. Grant request to hire a blockchain native developer, in-house, (the current contracts founding team has created) and also to launch our own ERC-20 Token linked on Polygon Mainnet, to incentivize the learner, student, employees using our platform.

As always, happy to answer any of your queries, regarding the application, you may contact me at: [email protected].


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