Grant Request by Dungeon Brawlers

Submission Date
January 24, 2022

Project Links

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Project Description

Dungeon Brawlers is a Multiplayer Dungeon Crawler Battle Arena (MDCBA) powered by NFT technology. Where players compete to see who can complete the arena first by dealing the most damage to the dungeon boss. The game is built using Polygon Network Technology, to bring true digital ownership to players, and is fueled by our $GTT token. Offering players true digital ownership, as well as provides a way for players to earn our token through every match by playing or staking their NFT characters.

$GTT is designed to be the core currency of Dungeon Brawlers and empowers players to play to earn and sell Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Amount requested
40,000 USD


Milestone 1 - Alpha Polish - $20,000

To polish the Alpha release we will hire a team of professionals to take Dungeon Brawlers to the best of E-Sports level. The team will consist of: 1 3D Artist, 1 Level Designer, 1 Network Developer, 1 Sound Engineer and a Marketing Specialist. The end result will be Better Looking environments, Better Game Performance, Improved Visuals and Audio experience.

Milestone 2 - Beta Release - $20,000

For beta release the game must undergo trials of endurance, this is where we put the systems to the test, squashing every seen bug and upgrading the systems for mass release. The funds will mostly go towards Testers, Team and Marketing.